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Simply Media have just released their sales documentation for the forthcoming DVD release of DOOMWATCH which contains all surviving episodes plus the BBC4 Documentary "The Cult of Doomwatch"

The official release date is confirmed as 4th April 2016

Cat. No. 164480
RRP: £39.99
Certificate: 15
Format: DVD
No. of Discs:  7
Barcode:   5019322644804
Duration:   1030 mins

About Doomwatch:-

• Drew in audiences as high as 13.6 million viewers at its peak
Contains previously un-transmitted episode from Series 3 – Sex and Violence
• Created by Gerry Davis and Kit Pedler who had previously collaborated on scripts for Doctor Who

Blurring the line between fact and fiction

Ground-breaking series, the BBC’s thriller Doomwatch explores the real scientific dangers lurking behind some ofour greatest fears – hence its huge appeal.  In three series issues arise such as genetic engineering, pollution, wildlife culls, terrorist plots and industrial sabotage to name just a few. One episode about hormones in fish farming evensparked a debate in Westminster! Created by Gerry Davies and Kit Pedler of Doctor Who fame, Doomwatch’s 13 million-strong audience was unprecedented for its Monday night slot – and with today’s anxiety over climate change, the issues are as frighteningly relevant as ever.Now on DVD for the first time, this collection comes with the BBC documentary The Cult of Doomwatch about its history, its making and its immense popularity as well  as the previously un-transmitted Series 3, episode 12: Sex and Violence.

Doomwatch is the nickname for the Department of Measurement of Scientific Work. Under the leadership of Nobel Prize winning physicist, Dr. Spencer Quist, the Doomwatch team struggled, for three seasons, to keep an eye on the environment and supervise government and private sector research in an attempt to prevent pollution and other disasters that might be caused by the misuse of new scientific developments, discoveries and technology. While confronting dangers ranging from a plastic eating bacteria to hyper intelligent species of rats, from mind destroying sound waves to toxic wastes and genetic mutations, the Doomwatch team always found themselves under the gun, from unsupportive governmental superiors, and openly hostile corporations, and the powerful influences they could wield. The Doomwatch team initially consisted of Quist; former intelligence agent, Dr. John Ridge; eager young researcher Toby Wren; technician and computer specialist Colin Bradley; and secretary Pat Hunnisett.

"The fact that this classic series is FINALLY being released is excellent news! Why the BBC or Network haven't released it before now is beyond me! I only hope that Simply Media make some effort to remaster the prints and grade them given the series archive nature, and the fact that only 10 of the episodes are original copies, whereas the rest are reverse standard conversions from overseas copies returned to the BBC. I've only ever seen the 4 episodes released by BBC Video way back in 1990, so I've waited over 25 years for this!!! Basically 24 episodes still exist out of the 38 which were made, the rest suffering the same incineration fate as numerous Dr Who, Steptoe, Dad's Army, Hancock, etc.! So we'll have 8 out of 13 from series 1, all 13 from series 2, and just 3 out of 12 from series 3 (though that series is meant to be the weakest, even series creators Kit Peddler and Gerry Davies had disowned it by then for straying too far from their original conception and becoming too farfetched and silly.) I won't go into the details of what the series is about, because others have already done so, but this series is up there with classic Dr Who, Blakes 7, Survivors, Quartermass, Day of the Triffids, Sapphire and Steel, and UFO as one of the best and most memorable British sci-fi shows ever made! Great to know the final banned untransmitted episode Sex and Violence will be included on a 6 disc set, which will also include the half hour Cult of Doomwatch shown some years ago, and hopefully cast commentaries and more! I only hope that the release of this archive gem paves the way for other classics to be released on DVD such as Edward Woodward's police state thriller 1990, Knights of God (starring Gareth Thomas and Patrick Troughton), the weird, surreal and alternative comedy of Channel 4's They Came From Somewhere Else, the post apocalypse sitcom Not With a Bang (staring Ronald Pickup, Stephen Rea and Josie Lawrence), and stateside please the '60's 26 episode run of The Green Hornet ( starring Van Williams AND Bruce Lee); none of which have EVER been released on DVD before (and most of them not even on video for God's sake!) So bravo Simply Media, and thank you very much, for now, for Doomwatch!"

By Stevie D on 9 Nov. 2015

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